Allies: Reasserting a charity's role

Active in France since 2005, Alliés, of l’Alliance contre la faim, wished to reinvent its visual identity, previously associated with the distribution of food resources. In fact, the charity was responsible for coordinating and optimizing the various actions of French charities working to combat hunger. Alliés approached Landor to reconfigure its logo to better express the charity’s true mission.



The main challenge was to reassert the charity’s role as coordinator. The Landor team's creative approach was inspired partly by the charity’s logistical function of coordinating other organizations fighting against hunger, and partly by the charity’s international dimension. Landor drew on both the Visual Driver, to evoke the brand’s values, and the Brand Driver™ platform, to underline the brand’s differentiating elements, and offered the charity several directions to choose from. Ultimately, Landor chose to break away completely from the existing logo.


The new visual identity, a comic strip–style open bubble reminiscent of a face seen in profile, puts greater emphasis on the human aspect and on dialogue, as well as on food distribution to alleviate hunger. With its orange-and-blue color scheme, the logo underscores the positioning Landor created for the charity: that of an alliance speaking with a single voice and uniting the strengths of local, national, international, and nongovernmental organizations in the common mission of eliminating world hunger.

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