Altex Retail: Revealing the spirit of a leading Romanian retailer

Altex retail network is the biggest electronics & home appliances retail chain in Romania. After a booming period in the 1990s and early 2000s, the Romanian retail market reached a certain degree of maturity that required Altex to review its strategy and positioning.



Altex is the reference store on the market: present in most cities over the country, Altex stores were well known and appreciated by all consumers. Landor’s three main tasks were: to rejuvenate Altex’s personality as a dynamic and modern player on the market; to reposition Altex as a global store network providing a wide range of products including high technology as well as electronics and home appliances; and to enlarge the target audience to younger families. One of Landor’s objectives was to find the right balance in promoting the change without losing the history and consumer sympathy assets.


While carrying out the audit of existing elements, Landor realized that Altex’s historical identity had little meaning. However, the bright yellow and red colors, as well as a specific consumer-caring approach, were key assets to capitalize upon. Landor decided to keep the existing colors (making them a bit warmer) and to create an iconic identity to change the perception of Altex from a low-cost brand to a leadership brand. The solution accomplishes two things: it creates an engaging identity that stands out within the retail environment; and it creates a meaningful identity that conveys Altex’s mission and values and highlights its specificity over the competition. The lighthouse symbol conveys both the caring spirit of Altex and its powerful stature within the Altex Group.

The Altex identity stands out within the retail environment.

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