Australian Stock Exchange: Raising the value of a financial market

Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) enjoyed a position of prominence in the Australian financial trading markets. However, the competitive developments in the global financial markets prompted ASX to reassess its position. Over time, the competing messages, objectives, and subbrands of the various business groups within ASX fragmented the corporate brand. To better manage the complex functions and diverse customer groups that included brokers, institutions, and household investors, strategic decisions were made, including demutualizing the company to become a listed company.



To build a more unified brand, ASX identified a brand position that required the creation of a corporate identity system that would support it. The challenge for Landor was to position the ASX symbol as the hero and create brand clarity using visual language flexible enough for use across all business streams and appropriate for a range of media, including print and electronic. Further, the corporate identity had to have maximum impact without a huge PR or advertising budget to communicate the brand positioning.


Landor created a brand architecture in which ASX was the core brand identity. The existing symbol was revitalized to reflect the positioning. Working with a business copywriter, Landor brought clarity and consistency to all written communications. Landor proposed leveraging the strength of ASX Power Apps(R) to maximize brand visibility in the absence of advertising budgets. The ASX website has enjoyed considerable success; since the brand launch it has become one of the most visited sites in Australia.

Landor designed a contemporary corporate identity that captures the heritage of the brand.

The previous ASX identity was dated and inflexible.

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