Azimut: Un rilancio dinamico

In 1969, Paolo Vitelli started Azimut, a company to charter sailing boats. He eventually transformed his passion into the business of manufacturing motor yachts, and in a short time had a number of luxury motor cruiser models on the market. In 1985, Azimut took over Benetti shipyards, which enabled it to gain advanced technical expertise and development and planning methods as well as a completely revitalized yard and plant. Known for its diversification in boat construction, Azimut now offers a full range of flybridge motor yachts in a variety of lengths.

Modernizing the brand

In 2002, Azimut decided to upgrade its identity so it could differentiate itself in the yachting market and define a leadership position for new kinds of yachts. It also hoped to transcend the yacht-manufacturing category and establish a premier global brand in the luxury goods market. Landor�s challenge was to modernize the Azimut identity so that it communicated exclusivity, dynamism, innovation, and quality Italian design�values that had made the company a world leader in the luxury yacht market.

Refreshed and exhilarated

Landor eliminated the anchor and sail shapes that dated back to the 1970s. These identity elements looked outmoded, did little to differentiate the brand, and failed to express the exhilarating experience of racing through the water on an Azimut motor yacht. The revitalized identity is a modern linear mark that looks distinct and elegant. The identity and a refreshed visual style were applied to all Azimut communications and marketing tools, including advertising, public relations, stationery, merchandising, signs, dealer promotions, and company vehicles. To help differentiate the various yacht models, numeric identifiers were developed as a secondary level of branding.

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