Baltimore: Get in on it!

The Baltimore Area Convention and Visitors Association sought to reposition Baltimore as a preferred tourist destination for business and leisure travelers within a 250-mile radius to boost the city’s economy. Research with leisure travelers and convention planners revealed that Baltimore did not rate highly as an unaided dream destination. However, it rated considerably higher among travelers who had visited in the previous two years. Landor thus concluded that Baltimore did not have a product problem, but a perception problem.



A key objective was closing the perception gap so Baltimore could better compete in a market that included Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and the District of Columbia—cities that held unique associations in travelers’ minds and hearts. Landor also needed to develop an idea broad enough to umbrella the multifaceted Baltimore experience. Its many positive attributes included historical relevance, the Inner Harbor, a quirky personality, diverse neighborhoods, easy accessibility, exciting sports, and a thriving arts community.


Landor identified Baltimore’s key differentiator as a world-class city with a thriving waterfront that didn’t have the stressful, hurried pace of more intense urban areas. Its unique, laid-back vibe allowed for easy exploration at the visitor’s own pace and encouraged spontaneity and adventure. The Brand Driver™ go with the flow was brought to life through a catchy brandlineGet in on it—that served as a call to action to visitors and as a vibrant, dynamic visual identity that’s energetic, playful, and inviting.

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