Cincinnati: Bridge to a meaningful civic identity

The Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce collaborated with locally based Procter & Gamble to initiate a study of the changing regional landscape. The study indicated a need to reconnect the population of the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana tristate area: 2.1 million people separated by borders as well as accelerating suburban sprawl and diversifying cultures. In addition, the study recognized the need to attract businesses, tourists, and new residents by emphasizing the area’s virtues—a low cost of living, economic strength, and access to leading cultural institutions.



Landor's challenge was to convey the quality of life offered by the city and region to a wide audience. The first step was to catalog the area’s key characteristics and determine how people felt about them. Next, Landor would seek perspectives from a variety of people to help pinpoint the common threads among a diverse demographic. Finally, Landor would develop a visual and verbal identity to center the focus of the initiative.


Landor created an online survey to gather viewpoints about the region from both residents and nonresidents. Using 3,000 responses and the results from eight Brand Driver™ sessions within the community, Landor formulated a theme based on connections. The span logo was created to evoke the bridges that link the three states and serve as active agents for connecting people, cultures, and experiences. Local communities and media alike have embraced the new identity, marking a rebirth of behaviors and creative expression for over two million residents. In May 2011,, which uses the logo created by Landor, won first place for advertising sales and retention from the International Newspaper Marketing Association.

The whole design system communicates connection.

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